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Looks like women have another reason to go out and get the handbag of their dreams.

Image Source: javamazon.com

A recent survey of over 2,000 women showed that the handbag was at the top of the list of items which gave women buyers the most ‘buzz,’ or buyer’s satisfaction, when purchased. Handbags came out on top, beating other items such as dresses, shoes, jewelry, and beauty products.

Image Source: myelegantdress.com

The survey, which was commissioned by the website saveme4later.com to mark the launch of its shopping app, also made a few inquiries regarding the buying and saving habits of women shoppers today. It found that most women—81 percent, to be exact—are more careful with their money than they were five years ago, giving purchases a lot of consideration before finally using up their cash. In this regard, the survey also found which items took the most thought before purchase (winter coats), as well as the least (underwear). The survey allowed people to draw the conclusion that the deeper satisfaction of buying a product stemmed from the fact that women are now planning and saving more rather than simply going out and using up all their money on temporary ‘wants’ before the next payday.

Image Source: justluxe.com

It does make sense, in its own pragmatic way: handbags are, after all, a woman’s most used accessory, not to mention often the largest as well. This means that a good bag must be compatible with a wide range of her outfits and styles, making nabbing the perfect bag a more satisfying task than most.

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